Dear Jim, 

My new train is beautiful and and I want to thank you for your efforts to please me. The color is perfect, graphics excellent and craftsmanship outstanding. My wife captured the first moments when Carl opened his trailer and my eager anticipation of my new train and the first ride (although a short one to the gas pumps). People ogled, photographed and asked who built the train (even Mike from Train Works liked what you built for me). I told them Rail Systems built the train but it was rebuilt, painted and customized by L&B Trains (my wife mentioned you should have included some business cards to pass out). I like the detail that went into the engine and I am also extremely pleased with the way the slug came out. The sound system, brakes, switches and battery are well laid out and your suggestion of switching the box on the slug to an opening box is much appreciated. This train went through "Train Mountain Testing Grounds" with minor flaws (Train Works new 1500 had to be rewired do to wiring too close to the oil filter-melted wiring). I look forward to many years of enjoyment from this beautiful piece of equipment. It was a pleasure working with you throughout the building process. I will repeat myself-THANKS!

Dan Simmons

7723 E. 4250 S. Rd,

ST. Anne, IL 60964

Phil: (Cell) (708) 989-3055