Railways that you actually ride on, are built in many scales, such as 1-1/2", 1", and 3/4" to the foot. Common gauges are 7-1/2" (Western US) and 7-1/4" (Eastern US & rest of the world), 5", 4-3/4".

L&B Trains has taken on the design and manufacturing of inch and a half scale trains.  Our goal is to provide on demand quick delivery items so that your outdoor railroad adventure never misses a beat.

Our services include design, custom paint work, decal and lettering, replica detail, trucks and couplers, and most all this can be done in just a few shorts weeks and shipped right to your door.  And if you prefer an unfinished piece we can deliver that to you even quicker as we keep items ready to finish in stock.

Inch and a Half Scale Trains 

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