L&B Trains is an industry leader in providing best in class service and value for model railroaders everywhere.  I started this business over 30 years ago due to my passion for trains and the important role they’ve played in our country.  Even more so I loved trains as a young boy and didn’t see any reason to stop loving them into my adulthood!

The L&B Team is committed to bringing our customers the best prices and services possible.  Our focus is centered on G-Scale and 1-1/2” Scale product.  We have become valued partners to our chosen manufacturers which allows us to leverage that buying power back down to you – the Consumer.

Our focus is simply to provide the best service, price and product.  We are a full service and warranty repair shop and offer many customized options for your trains.  And we are always looking for new ways to service you so feel free to share your ideas with us.

We have recently expanded into a full design and manufacturer of 1-1/2” Scale Ride-Ons.  Unlike our competition we have cars in stock that can be quickly finished to your specifications so you can start enjoying your purchase within just a few short weeks.

L&B Trains is looking forward to continued relationships with our current customers and the new ones we have yet to make.  

Come see us at the Store or at the numerous shows we participate in.  Check our Homepage for a list of events we are planning to attend.

About Us

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